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Disabling Music Player

(Topic created on: 1/25/21 11:22 PM)
Galaxy Watch

I've been using Galaxy watch the past 1.5 years, and now I just bought Galaxy Watch 3.

Every time I watch YouTube videos on my phone, or listen to music with my car's bluetooth audio system, the Music Player in my watch is activated. It drains the already poor battery really fast. I just checked the battery usage from Wearable app, and the Music Player reports 15% battery usage since last chaege.

Why won't you make an update, that would make it possible to permanently disable Music Player, or permanently make it standalone player?

People have been reporting this same issue all over the internet for many months now, and Samsung hasn't come up with a fix. A fix that should be very easy to make.

This is my problem with Samsung: you don't seem to listen to customers, even on serious issues. 

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