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Disappointed with Samsung

(Topic created: 09-16-2021 03:56 PM)
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So disappointed, with Samsung repair team, ticket no. *****.  My Active 2 smart watch has liquid damage (water damage), and still under regular warranty. Repair team wants me to pay for repair even though its still under warranty. This watch is defected because moisture damage my watch, this watch is water proof and I should be able to swim with it on, but I haven't gone swimming. Samsung repair team will not repair or refund my money, so disappointed. 

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Galaxy Watch

Disappointed too I only work out with it 6 months running and gym and the display touch wasn't working, send it to Samsung and they said is water damage and they want 208.98 dollars it can't resist my sweat really bad device but the service is worse with no solutions tiket number *****.

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Same problem here, too. Other than a brief dunk into water accidentally, after which I immediately dried it off, my watch has never been in water, and Samsung is claiming water damage to the LCD and motherboard. This seems to be a common claim from the repair technicians when it's not true, and I am furious! I use only Samsung products and have for years, just to have them turn around and screw over loyal customers.
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We have 5 Samsung phones, washer and dryer, Smart things, and countless other products purchased over the years.

Today I will never buy another Samsung product ever again because of a similar issue to yours.

Same as you I had a Watch 3 and it was stuck in a boot loop.
It is 7 month old and still in warranty.
Sent in in for service.

Got an email back saying it's now out of warranty
And the problem with it was an incomplete update.

Confused by the email I called
Spent hours on the phone the past two days.
First day after talking for awhile and waiting I was promised a call back from a manager.
I got a call that night only to answer and get hung up on before I can even say hello.

Today I spend all morning talking with 5 different people.
I got pushed off to different groups each time having to explain everything over and over again.

I really think the "WATER DAMAGE" excuse is their way of not honoring a warranty.  There is no way everyone who posts similar things all did something extreme to their watch to cause this.

This is either a defective design or a factory defect.  Either way a good company stands behind their products.

So i returned my new watch 4 classic I bought for Christmas and ordered a Garmin
Spent a lot more money but after reading reviews no one had the water issues that samsung does.

Not sure who I will use for phones going forward but it won't be Samsung ever again.

All they had to do was stand by their product.

Reading all the complaints online I think I need to find someone wanting to do a class action lawsuit.