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Dont trust Samsung, Dont Trust their espeifications

(Topic created: 06-17-2021 12:54 PM)
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I just sent my Samsung Watch3 (which is still covered under the 1-year warranty) as it stopped working, and this watch, which has this two special features (as per the manual): Water Lock mode when you exercise in the water and rated 5ATM and passed military specifications testing, IS NOT COVERED IF IT WETS WET!!!!

I have spent several hours over the phone, and the answer is the same. Not covered because it got wet!!! I don't recommend anybody to buy a Samsung watch trusting their specifications, I don't think I am going to trust this brand anymore. 

Anybody can help you how do I file a claim under the Bureau of Consumer Protection? 

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Galaxy Watch
Bureau of consumer protection? Are you in the USA! when I had my problem an email to my states attorney general's consumer division got me my money back like I asked for. Samsung was full of excuses with me but when they got a letter from the AG, they responded quickly. They sent him a letter saying it was a misunderstanding that they would honor the claim, apologized and attached a check which he mailed to me.