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Emergency Alerts question

I have looked high and low, and cannot seem to find the answer to this question, so I will give this forum a try.  Attempts to contact and inquire from Samsung Tech Support has met with no response, hopefully someone here can answer.

If I have an Active 2 watch, the LTE version, but it's not associated with a carrier, (I use TracFone), and am away from my phone, can I use the watch to contact emergency services. Period.  Very simple question.  Possible scenarios would includ perhaps at a park for a walk, phone is in the car.  I fall, have a heart attack, whatever emergency that might arise.  Can I get 911 (in USA) on the watch.


The reasoning behind this, is that I'm looking at the fall alerts function that was promised upon the release of the Active 2, but yet hasn't been implemented.  The natural continuation is that if the watch detects a fall, will it automatically dial 911 if I don't respond?


Can anyone offer any insight/experience with this?


Re: Emergency Alerts question

WOW, I find it hard to believe that in all of the people that are using the Active 2, none have even thought of this question.  Further, I find it even more difficult to believe that those "moderators", ie. "samsungjim, samsung fluffy, or samsungwhoever" have no answer to a very simple question.  One that could easily be tested, IF and only IF Samsung spoke truthfully about the inclusion of fall detection in their watch.

Whoever has connections with Samsung that may see this, this is really not the way to win customers, a simple reply of "we don't know", or "it's not been fully tested" will perhaps not answer the question directly, but at least give one customer (ME) the knowledge that I do exist, and Samsung is aware that I actually spent money for one of their devices. 

I find it hard to believe that after posting the same question on the FACEBOOK group, I received two replies, none solving the problem, but at least I know I'm alive, and there are actual carbon based lifeforms reading the posts there.

THanks for nothing (yet), Samsung, remember, a customer is not just someone who purchases your product, but you must also insure retention of that customer.  Ask Packard Bell how that worked out for them.