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Feature request: Text color in notifications

A feature that I think has been introduced in one of the FW updates (and was not in the original versions) is that the first text line in notifications (containing 'from' or what the notification is about) gets its color from the main color of the application logo.

This can give a nice touch but depending on the icon color the drawback is a bad readability.

It is well known that dark red or dark blue agains black backround does not give a good contrast.

I therefore wish for a way to choose the text color.

(Thankfully the rest of the text is in white colour.)


Re: Feature request: Text color in notifications

I can report how I fixed this issue (hard to read color in notifications), in case anyone is interested.

It's a workaround and requires that you have access to the installation apk. (Various file managers can back them up locally.) Then I used APK Icon Editor (executing on PC) to extract the icons, an image editor to change the (central) color of the icon to color that gives better contrast towards the black background that is used in the watch notifications.) Repack the apk and install that on my android mobile. 

(I had to Reset the watch to get rid of old cached icons (somewhere) because all Clear Cache I could find was not enough.)

Now I can read also the colored notification text.

Of course I have to redo the fix if I update this app on the mobile.

I still think that this "watch feature" is not a good one and should be changed. The icons are shown in the notification so coloring the text in the same color is not at all necessary.