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For those who don't think...

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... that using a screen protector on a watch is necessary, mine saved my Watch 5 Pro this week.  We were glamping and I tend to swing my arms a lot (Italian heretage 🙂  and one of those times I struck the edge of my Watch pretty hard right where my bezel meets the glass.  My $6 for 3 glass screen protectors took the impact and crushed under the impact point and then cracked the rest of the protector. 

Upon removing it the watch screen was untouched.  I always have used these inexpensive ballistic glass protectors since my Gear S2 and luckily never had one crack but I'm pretty happy that I had one on my GW5P. 


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Realistically, your screen would have just gotten a scratch in it but not shattered. The screen protector claims to have a 9h scratch resistance, significantly higher than your average phone/watch glass. However the greater the scratch resistance the lesser the impact resistance--that's just material science. Gorilla glass puts a higher emphasis on impact resistance over scratch resistance, which is why you don't see as many phones with big spiderweb cracks on them as you used to. All of this can lead to the false impression that because the screen protector got shattered the device screen would have been shattered, when realistically the damage to the device would have been significantly less.

All that said it did probably protect your device from having a big gross scratch on the front.
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Hi @bill-e! Thank you so much for sharing! We agree, screen protectors can be a great investment! We definitely recommend using a screen protector on all of your mobile devices.