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G Watch - 42mm - Black screen upon reboot

Watch has worked for over a year. Today while outside watch stopped working at some point. Charged it over night but figured hey maybe I drained it with all my activities today. 

Watch on charger shows battery as 97% when you press the power. When watch is left on charger the charger light stays solid red for about 30 seconds then begins to blink red. 


When you remove the watch from charging and power on, the watch boots the Samsung icon then goes to black screen. 


Holding power to reboot while on charger.

Leaving watch on charger for hours.

Leaving watch on unplugged charger for hours.

Taking watch in hand, booting to reboot mode and selecting recovery. 

Taking watch in hand, booting to reboot mode and selecting Download. This waits for input which means I think this is a software/firmware issue. 


Thoughts Samsung? Your product.... I have bought many phones from you + this watch and would like to continue supporting your products. Not sure I would accept it as garbage especially with the world being as conscious of environmental impacts as they are now days.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: G Watch - 42mm - Black screen upon reboot

Thank you for reaching out! Will you please send a private message with the model code and serial number so I may look into this for you?

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