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GW black screen !

My 17 months old galaxy watch 46mm screen went black this morning ..i though battery was dead so I put on the charger and it showed a lightening symbol with a green circle around the face, started counting from 0 to 67% quickly and turned off display. Also charger started blinking red after a bit. 
When I start it by pressing power I see the logo only then black screen and I cannot do anything , seems it is off . Also my phone is not connecting to watch.

I can reboot by hold pressing power then 3 tap it to go into hardware booting/recovery menu, it shows battery at 98% . Tried to do recovery from this menu which is supposed to factory reset, but the same happens reboots , shows logo, and dies.

This is it ..cant start can reset  ..more like a black screen of death for no apparent reason probably a software mess up by samsung ..although I spotted many complaints here and on reddit ..yet no solution ..