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Galaxy 3 Mobile Failure?

I received my watch and with AT&T service I have not been able to use numbersync or get service to the watch with the mobile number I have dedicated to the watch. AT&T is telling me its a known Samsung issue. Is this correct and is it limited to AT&T? I'm so frustrated with the number of calls I have made on this I am ready to switch providers. 


Re: Galaxy 3 Mobile Failure?


Hope you are doing well, my friend!

Sorry to hear about this watch issue.


I've seen a couple of posts on this for other watch models, but none for the Galaxy 3. 


  • Does the watch have a data connection that ATT could prove?
  • Is the IMEI in their database and active?
  • Have you tried any resets of the watch?
  • Where did you purchase it from? You may need to make an exchange.
  • If the watch has a board or antenna issue you may need a service request.

The good news is the watch is likely under warranty so either the original retailer or Samsung should be able to help.


Inside the US? -->

Outside the US? -->



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Cosmic Ray

Re: Galaxy 3 Mobile Failure?

Same issue on Sprint. I've been on phone and at Sprint corporate and can't get LTE to work!

Re: Galaxy 3 Mobile Failure?

Mine wasn't working either (on Att). Here's what I did from another poster and it is now working from me.

On the watch:

1.) Go to Settings

2.) Go to Connections

3.) Go to Mobile Networks

4.) Scroll down to Access Point Names and tap it

5.) Go to Internet connection

6.) Click Create

7.) For "Name" use: Phone

8.) For "APN" use: Phone

9.) Click Save

10.) Click the radio button next to "Phone" to use this connection instead of Nextgenphone.


I repeated steps 5-10 to create an MMS connection as well.


After doing these steps, I was successfully able to access cellular data on my watch with Wifi off, and bluetooth disconnected. I was also able to successfully configure NumberSync after using these steps to getting data working.