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Galaxy 46mm Calorie counting




I wore both my  activity watches the other day  ,whilst walking to get a side by side comaprison. They are a Galaxy 46mm and Huawei GT2. I did this as I feel the Galaxy over estimates calories.


I think the GT2 is more realistic on calorie counting. Indeed I have also compared the Galaxy watch against a Fit Bit HR whilst walking. Again the galaxy gave a final result of double the calories the Fit bit HR reported.


The galaxy in my opinion always over estimates calories when walking or cycling .


For the same walk the galaxy recorded 780 calories whilst the gt2 recorded it at 443 calories. The GT2 had the distance at 4.82 miles the galaxy at 4.84 so that part is very similar, but the calorie count was not


I have my galaxy watch linked to s health and all my stats Height Weight age and activity level are entered into s health. Never had this issue with my old s3 frontier. Calories on that seemed more realistic


With the galaxy  for every one  mile I walk  at moderate pace  it records anywhere between 180-200 calories per mile. 


Does any one else feel the galaxy over estimates calories burnt


Here are the side by side stats .Galaxy stats are the bottom pic