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Galaxy 46mm doesn't receive text messages

(Topic created: 05-01-2021 08:21 AM)
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To make a long story short, my Galaxy watch will not receive text (SMS) messages. I purchased the watch brand new about 2 months ago. Everything worked fine, including the text feature until Samsung released an update. After the update, this feature is now useless. Before someone says "restore this, reset that", here's what I've done so far. I've tried resetting, factory reset, uninstalling, re-installing everything from the watch to my phone (Samsung Galaxy s-9). I have sent the watch into Samsung twice already. The first time, the techs didn't do a thing. They just looked at it and sent it back. The second time, they "supposedly" re flashed  the watch back to its original OS before the update.  For the life of me, I cannot get text messages at all. This WAS one of the main features why I bought into a smart watch in the first place. The box states that the watch does send/receive texts, which is basically a lie on the "receiving" part. Yes, I can send texts. Yes, I can receive all other notifications as well, from Facebook, health, etc. Yes, I can use the watch to talk on instead of the phone. If this is a software bug, Samsung needs to come out and state that they are aware of this and working on it, because of right now, I think its an issue with my watch. Samsung, either replace watches that wont work as advertised or send out a "working" patch for these issues. Anyone out there have a similar problem? Thanks, fingers crossed

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Watch
Watch 3 LTE 42mm, exact same issue. Paired with Note 20 Ultra.