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Galaxy Active 2 40mm

In February 2020 I purchased the new Samsung Active 2 watch from Best Buy. The watch is marketed as a watch that is water resistant and that you can swim with....LIES! I am a Registered Nurse and primary wore the watch at work, and never wore the watch in the shower nor swam with it. I ONLY WASHED MY HANDS! I sent the watch to Samsung for repair as it was under warranty. I received an email from Samsung August 2020 that the repairs would cost me $219.00 due to WATER DAMAGE. I called Samsung, and after a thoroughly heated conversation, told them to send me my now $250.00 paper weight back to me unrepaired. I frankly accused them of false advertising and stated I would NEVER be purchasing a Samsung watch again. I am completely disgusted with the customer service I recieved and appalled at the blatant refusal to right Samsungs wrong!


Re: Galaxy Active 2 40mm

#Shamesung is what im calling them now,,, report them to the BBB. I know I am since they wont acknowlede the fact the so many poeople are experiencing the same thing,, BUT they DO  acknowldge the fact that its our fault, and that warrnty does NOT cover those kinds of damage,.,,,,,,