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Galaxy Active 2 doesn't sync sleep data from Samsung Health

I am having trouble getting sleep data to sync from Samsung Health to my Galaxy active 2. The watch records sleep and syncs it to the app fine. The problem arises when I have to charge the watch. I usually do so whilst asleep. The Samsung Health app records this sleep (without me wearing the watch) fairly accurately on it's own but that record does not export to the sleep widget on the watch. So on days that I charge the widget says "no sleep record found." All other widgets seem to sync to/from the app without issue. It is only sleep that refuses to do so. Is there a solution to this?


Re: Galaxy Active 2 doesn't sync sleep data from Samsung Health

I had the same issue. I use a fit 2 to track my sleep. I wear the active 2 during the day. The fit 2 goes to the samsung  phone app. But the active 2 does not show sleep data in widget. Samsung needs to fix this. But for now I go to the samsung phone app while wearing the active 2 watch and i go to share samsung  sleep data and i say send to watch. It will send a picture to the active 2 watch galley but I will have the data in my watch to see for the day. This is my workarounfd for now.