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Galaxy Active 2 over

The back of my brand new Galaxy Active 2 overheats while charging and by the time I realized it, it cracked the rear sensor glass. I called Samsung and explained it to their Customer Service. They asked me to send the watch to them which I did. A few days later, I received an email from Samsung charging me a fee of $81 and change to fix the issue becaue they claimed i was responsible for the damage to the glass hence it voids my warranty. I felt very disappointed but more than that, I felt insulted by Samsung for claiming that I caused the damage to the glass, though, they know I'm not only person who reported this same issue. Every gadget in my household is a Samsung product and this is the first time I've ever reached out about an issue and for them to treat me like a piece of trash was very hurtful. I just received my unfixed watch back from Samsung, and I will seriously consider switching to Apple.