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Galaxy Active Battery Drain

I've had my Galaxy Active watch for about a year and everything has been fine (for the most part). I've had to charge it once every 2 days. But recently, the battery drains much after and I have to charge it everyday. Anyone else experiencing this? Did the last update impact battery life? Any fixes coming?

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Galaxy Active Battery Drain

My Active 1 lasts ~4-4.5 days in power saving (with airplane mode). In normal model around 2 with HR auto. Yours is older, so battery should have more wear. Deep discharges and topping off the battery will reduce its endurance longterm. 


You can try checking the Galaxy Wear for a breakdown of usage, or stick to a simpler face. 


Also, are you on the latest firmware? @userKYPQANYLX8 

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