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Galaxy Active2 Smartwatch 44mm Overheating and Shutoff

(Topic created on: 1/25/21 9:28 AM)
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Just bought this Samsung watch (Samsung Active2 Smartwatch 44 mm) brand new in December, 2020 (post being written 1/25/2021). The watch was working perfectly fine until I went swimming for laps in a pool. I turned the water lock on and started my workout, in the middle of my workout the watch notifies me it's overheating and shutoff MID WORKOUT IN A POOL. 

I thought okay well the waterlock was on, it should be fine, stopped my workout to take the watch off for it to dry and continued with my workout.

After a full day of letting it dry off (in rice, just in case), I attempted to charge it. No charge, no power for 2 days after the overheating/shutoff incident. 

Put in a service ticket with Samsung support and explained the situation, but their repair center stated because there was evident water damage it was void of warranty and I'd pretty much need to buy it brand new again. Again, the watch was fine, is supposedly an active wear watch and can withstand/repel water for a certain amount of meters. How was I supposed to know it'd shutoff during a swim workout, with no signs or issues prior to that?

After the Active2 shutoff, of course I took to the internet to see if there were any others experiencing this issue and lo and behold many members went through a similar faulty technical/product issue with the same model and received no assistance for Samsung's product failure. 

Since Samsung is showing how they do not back their consumers and will not acknowledge a faulty issue on their end, I canceled the service repair, and decided to remove myself from Samsung's ecosystem all together from my TV, to my and my husband's Samsung phones, smartwatches, etc.

Buyer beware.
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