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Galaxy Bud (Gen 1) and Galaxy Watch Active (Gen 1) Bluetooth Audio Issues

I have owned my Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Buds (Gen 1) since launch, and Bluetooth connectivity between the two devices has generally been quite good (not the best, it has always struggled a bit when phone is in my back pocket). 


I recently purchased a Galaxy Watch Active (Gen 1) to use for running, the main attraction was offline Spotify, so that I could go for a run with just the Watch and my Galaxy Buds. 


After multiple attempts I now realise that hardware simply isn’t up to the task. Bluetooth connectivity between the Galaxy Watch and Buds is fine when I'm sat at home but as soon as I go outside and walk or run the connection severely degrades, and the audio stutters so much that it is unlistenable. 


Has anyone else experienced this issue? and are there any known fixes? I assume the issue lies with the Galaxy Watch as the Buds perform fine with S10. Could it possibly be the movement of my wrist when running that is causing the issue?


I’m extremely disappointed that these two Samsung products do not work well together, when Galaxy phone, buds and watch are supposed to be flagship products, intended to work together seamlessly.