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Galaxy Heart Rate monitor has cracked

(Topic created: 08-03-2021 03:06 AM)
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I've recently sent my Galaxy watch off for a repair to Samsungs UK based repair company.

The watch started to over heat after a charge on the original samsung stand.  On further inspection I noticed that the glass panel on the Heart rate monitor was cracked.  

I am now being charged by the UK based repair company to have the device inspected.  I have read on this forum that several other people have had the same issue.  I've only had the watch since December, so i believe it to be under warranty.

Really annoyed with Samsungs policy right now, seems as though this is a known fault but they want to fleece there customers further to earn a few quid. 

Has anyone managed to get this issue repaired under warranty or have you had to pay?

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Galaxy Watch
It is considered accidental damage so you would probably have to get it repaired out of your pocket unless they change their policy.