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Galaxy Watch 162C + Huawei P30 Pro

(Topic created: 07-19-2021 12:15 PM)
Galaxy Watch

Hi all,


I've had my watch for a good few months now (3 or so) and everything worked great up until a month ago I've stopped receiving any notifications to my watch other than phone calls.


Steps I've tried so far:

Restart both phone and watch 

Factory reset watch and restore backup to watch after repairing with phone.


All notifications are ticked and enabled. Sleep mode isn't enabled. Volume and vibrate are all turned on and up at max. I've made sure Huawei doesn't mess with power settings of the Wearable app and all related apps to the watch (set the power mode to manual so always on basically) the Wearables app can see the watch, talk to the watch and edit settings on the watch. It's just no notifications are coming throug.


Also it has stopped reading heart rate? I've noticed it beed like that for around a month as well when I manually try to force it (even after a factory reset) it says cannot measure heart rate move watch so it's not on bone or clean the sensor. The sensor is spotless and where it is on my wrist isn't near the bone its where its always been when it was reading it fine last time.


Any help is much appreciated!




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