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Galaxy Watch 3 Autopauses Constantly During Workout

(Topic created on: 1/21/21 10:47 AM)
Galaxy Watch

So, I have recently upgraded to a Galaxy Watch 3 (from the og galaxy watch). When I go workout, specifically when I am in the stretch/warm up part of my workout, the watch constantly (and by constantly I mean every other second or two) auto pauses. Which means I'm spending more time fiddling with the watch than I am concentrating on, and doing, my actual workout. I get that it auto pauses because it's thinking I've stopped "working out", but wouldn't it make sense, to make it less sensitive during the stretch option of the workout app (section of samsung health)? I mean, I can't be completely alone in moving slowly when I begin my warm up/stretching and move in slow, deliberate movements. I also wonder how people do yoga and use this watch if it's like this. Maybe I need to move faster, but I don't think it's fair to completely put it on me, to feel like they have to move faster and possibly risk injury while working out. I'm lucky that I also have an Apple watch that does not share this issue, or I'd have zero way to track the first few minutes of every workout. 

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