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Galaxy Watch 3 Swimmers Beware

(Topic created: 06-07-2021 10:41 AM)
Galaxy Watch

Hello I have used 2 of Samsung watches for my lap swimming and love the way it tracks and records my laps. My latest watch the galaxy 3 was no exception, I loved it. 

Well last week after a swim I turned off my swim app and the watch did its regular clearing of moisture but turned off. When I got home I turned it back on only for it to reboot and turn off.

I contacted support and made sure it was still under warranty and got a ticket number and sent it in for repair. A few days later I received an email letting me know that my watch would cost $219.00 to be repaired even though my warranty was still good for another 6 months.

I again contacted support and was told ( to make a long story short) that moisture had gotten into the watch do to my misuse and I would be responsible fo repair. I explained that I use the watch for tracking my swimming and the watch is rated for the use I was using it for. But support explained that even though I had used it for that moisture had gotten in and that was my misuse. 

I am now confused, and I explained this to support. Now even if I repair my watch if the same thing happens, my watch will not be covered even under warranty! And yes support confirmed this. 

I use a Samsung Note 8,  a Samsung Galaxys2 and 3 and a Samsung fit2 Pro and am now considering going with Apple!

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