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Galaxy Watch 3 better protection options

(Topic created: 10-27-2021 01:51 AM)
Galaxy Watch

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Hi. My husband just got me a galaxy watch 3 for my birthday because I somehow lost my fit 2 pro while we were on the bike recently. I am very worried about damaging/breaking it, because I work doing alot of manual labor for 10 hours straight, setting up/working at the food pantry I am the lead volunteer at.

Since I do alot of things like carrying heavy wood pallets, carrying heavy boxes, unloading the truck, etc, I want a good protector for the screen (that still allows the screen to perform like normal of course), plus any other possible protection for the watch, that is needed (that is in an **"affordable" price range). I have looked quite a bit for REAL recommendations or 1st-hand user reviews, but surprisingly nearly every site are only affiliated non-tested recommendations for the protective accessories.

I'm not sure what protection is available for it, but I'd prefer it to not look tacky or too bulky/god-dy. But beggars cant be choosers lol.

Thank you very much for your time & assistance. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Hopefully I gave enough info on my scenario to help. Any recommendations on reliable extra protection for the Watch 3 is greatly appreciated, including what else is available besides a screen protector.

P.S. I want to get a little bigger of a band than the pink leather band that came with it. Plus, I dont want to ruin it, & save it for special occasions. Alot of the band that I’ve seen that are more daily wear safe, have been cheap-looking or not any more durable than leather is. So if you have a recommendation that might fit what I might like for a good band, I'm all ears too.

**I dont like spending alot of $ for something that isnt much better than something 1/2 the cost. To add to it, things are a little tighter than norm due to having to spend $$$ last week for a car since my tranny blew. So "Affordable pricing range" doesnt mean it has to be the very cheapest, but it cant be 3x that either (unless it is REALLY that good).

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