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Galaxy Watch 3 black display

I just got my Galaxy Watch 3 just 2 months ago and now I have the black screen.  Its the same scenario that I had with my Galaxy Watch. The Watch 3 is fully charged but no display and buttons are unresponsive.  I tried the "Place watch on charger and hold down power button trick" that was the recommended solution to the Watch and it usually fixed it but it does not work with the Watch 3.  How to I fix this?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Galaxy Watch 3 black display

There are several reasons why the Samsung smart watch display cannot be adjusted and the screen appears darkened or gray. Both issues can be caused by an accessibility setting, Outdoor mode, physical damage to the watch, a third-party app, or outdated software. Give this link a try: https://


If you continue to experience these symptoms after the troubleshooting steps provided, I would recommend a service repair. Can you please provide me with the following information in a private message:


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