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Galaxy Watch 3 keeps disconnecting and more

My samsung galaxy watch 3 keeps disconnecting from the bluetooth of my phone. My phone is Xiaomi mi 8. I've never had this problem with any other devices that I've paired with my phone(jbl bluetooth speaker, apple airpods, etc). The watch is the only device that keeps disconnecting.


Additionally when I go to sleep I put the mode to "sleep mode". That works great. However after "sleep mode" the watch is usually disconnected. Even after I reconect it the watch would not receive any notifications from the phone. For instance say I get a text message on my phone - the watch would never receive that. The samsung app says that the last text message was X number of hours ago when I got one a few minutes ago. I need to reboot my phone every time for the app to start working again.  Meanwhile I can still pull data from the phone - for instance update the weather info on the watch. But no notifications.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Galaxy Watch 3 keeps disconnecting and more

Can I please get your full model number, baseband version, Bluetooth or LTE, and the Android version on the device?

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