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Galaxy Watch 3 remote connection - no outbound calling issue

(Topic created: 05-31-2021 03:53 PM)
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I recently purchased a 2nd Galaxy 3 watch (no LTE) for my wife, connected it the same way as mine, activated "call and text on other devices" in her Galaxy S10 phone and in the Wearable app. The phone and the watch show as remotely connected when Bluetooth is turned off. Texting works both ways. Inbound calls go through but when I am trying to dial out from her watch - it either shows a request to connect via Bluetooth or simply shows "call ended" immediately after dialing.

I've cleared cache in the "Call and text" application", in Galaxy wearable and Watch 3 Plugin. Hard reset the watch and reconnected - all to no avail. There is no blocking of any kind by my cellular provider, they confirmed. All the permissions for "Call and Text", plugin and Wearable are granted. No difference whatsoever, but my Watch 3 has no problem to call out remotely and the newer one can't.

The only difference is - my phone is an older Galaxy S8 and hers is Galaxy S10.

Samsung CS suggested to send the watch in for repair but there's nothing to repair since the connection actually exists and the watch IS connected remotely to the phone.

Thoughts/ideas on how to unblock outbound remote calling will be much appreciated.


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