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Galaxy Watch 3 sudden decrease in battery life

(Topic created on: 1/17/21 11:32 AM)
Galaxy Watch

So I have a galaxy watch 3, bluetooth, that for the first 4 months I was able to get a consistent 4-5 days between charging based on my usage pattern. Over the past week, I can barely get 2 days on a charge. I am struggling to figure out what has caused this change.  The watch last updated 9/29/20 and there are no updates pending. I don't recall any other recent updates and I certainly did not change any settings on my watch. I tried to reset my watch but continue to get much poorer battery life. I also followed the suggestions for extending battery life on a different forum and turned off some settings and still no change in battery life. Any suggestions for trying to narrow down what is causing this issue? Thanks!

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