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Galaxy Watch 3 warranty issues

(Topic created: 11-30-2021 11:17 AM)
Galaxy Watch

Samsung is trying to charge me $186.00 to my repair my Watch 3 due to evidence of water damage.  All I did was complaint about the life of the battery since the resent firmware update.  This is a fraud, as the watch is only 9 months old and rated at IP68 which means it can be 1.5 meter deep in the water for 30 seconds.  This is what is stated on their website and advertised when they introduced the Watch 3.  Their customer claims it is only water resistant, but refuse to admit what they have on their website.   This a product defect with poor engineering that cause this known issues.  I have seen countless complaint about this problem.  The agents tries to get me to agreed with them that I went swimming with it, which I have not.  Even if I did, it should handle the water.  I have not went swimming this year, even if I wanted to, I can't do to my health.  I spoke with 4 different agent, 3 different department.   They all said, the repair tech stated there are liquid damages and that is all they going by.  If its only resistant, it should handle a little of splash!  They all worthless customer service as they only read what is on the screen, nothing that I already know.

The Galaxy phone seems to handle IP68 just fine as spec!

I had brought Samsung Products for over 20 years, and stop buying their TV 5 years ago due to their lack of support.  And it seems to gotten worst.  They are good about pointing fingers at the end users, instead of taking responsibilities of their issues.

Apple sounds better right now!

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