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Galaxy Watch 4 LTE and S Health

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Galaxy Watch

Received my Galaxy Watch 4 LTE a couple of days ago.  Pre ordered watch and the Z Flip 3 direct from Samsung.  About 10 days ago received an email from Samsung that the watch order was pushed back to October.  A few days after that I received a shipment notification.  So if you are still waiting hope you get it early.  Setup the watch yesterday and so far still figuring things out as I am coming from a Series 6 watch.  Have not fully committed to Samsung and Android but so far really liking the Z Flip.  I have the 46mm Classic 4 LTE.  Size wise it is similar in size to my Garmin F6 but a little slimmer.  Earlier in the threads here I asked a question about adding exercises from S health to the 4 but never received an answer.  As most people here are probably aware but earlier Wearables from Samsung you could not change or add any activities to their wearables, even whatever was in S Health on your phone.  Worst case for me was just using Google Fit.  But, as I found out yesterday, you can now add any activity to the Watch 4 from S Health.  Yesterday I was looking to add skiing to the watch which it did along with kayaking, canoeing, rowing.  It seemed to take my custom activity list from S Health and move the whole list to the watch.  After 4 years of asking Samsung for this ability to customize the Activity list on the watch you finally can.  Will start using it for exercise today.  I have no real expectations for multi day battery life.  Coming from the Apple system I have been putting my watch on the charger at the end of the day daily.  So charging daily not a big deal to me.

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