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Galaxy Watch 4 - UI issues

(Topic created: 09-03-2021 01:03 AM)
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Just switched from the GW Active 2 BT 44mm to the GW4 LTE 44mm. It's a nice upgrade, but some UI elements are step back. First of all, having the Home screen button on top and the Back button on the bottom is an uncomfortable setup. Not just for me, there are multiple reviews mentioning this as well. SO, Samsung, please let us map the buttons, so we can have the Home Screen on the bottom and Back on the top, if we want.

The Workout screen also has some UI issues. There's no longer a layout that lets you have one stat use a significantly larger font. Even if you choose a layout with only 2 stats, they both use pretty small fonts. On the Active 2, with a 2 or 3 stat layout, you could choose one stat to show using a very large and readable font.

Another problem is that the workout screen has no "screen always on" option in the settings. Sure, it consumes more battery, but it makes glancing at your watch while exercising much easier. On the GW4, the only way to have the work screen stay on is to go to the watch settings and turn on "always on display". There are 2 problems with this:

1. If you don't usually have "always on display", It's annoying to go to the settings and turn it on every time I exercise and then turn it off again when I'm done.

2. "Always on display" is much dimmer than normal display and while exercising and especially while swimming, since visibility is reduced due to the water, it's useless. It's so dim, I can't read the screen.

So, Samsung, please bring back the setting in the workout screen, that will let us choose to have the display stay on at our selected brightness level, like it was on the GW Active 2.

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I have the galaxy watch 3 45mm. I think it's a bit ignorant to put out new watches with upgraded features and price them at less than their predecessors... buying new the watch 3 is over 500 after taxes and fees. Luckily I bought mine certified refurbished through Amazon with a 90 day return period. I'm thinking about returning it and upgrading to the watch 4. What really gets to me though is what makes the 3 more expensive? There are still company's charging over 400 for them. I really love Samsung, their services, and products but this feels ridiculous.