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Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 notifications bug

(Topic created: 09-18-2022 06:23 PM)
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I have both the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (on One UI 4.5) and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. What really bothers me is sometimes when I swipe right or even when I use the touch bezel, I get slight animation frame drops or lag as the notification appears and slides into place. It seems to happen more often when I have multiple notifications, but it doesn't happen all the time. I also get slight animation frame drops or lag when I swipe up to delete the notification and it brings up the next one. It appears to slightly stutter or lag at times and it's simply not smooth. My eyes are now used to a 120hz display on my S22 Ultra so I can't stand frame drops. This is really the only thing I don't like about the watches. I disabled all animations under developer options and I reduced transparency and blur effects but these frame drops still pop up every now and then since the notification animation as it slides into place doesn't get disabled. Please look into this and see if you can make the notification animation less lag prone or provide a way to disable it!

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