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Galaxy Watch 4 - my most pressing issues to fix

(Topic created: 10-12-2021 03:46 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Watch

I'm one of the lucky ones who preordered a beta product and actually got it ... still in beta ...

These are my most pressing issues, also posted on Reddit:

1. On my previous Galaxy Watch I had a reliable calendar. On GW4 there aren't any calendar watch faces, nor reliable calendar apps. I only have a watch face that allows me to see the next event. Clicking the next event I see ONLY that event, without the possibility to see the entire day. If I want to do that, I need to open the widget ... which wow!! ... is showing ONLY the same event ... but if I wish to see the entire day, I need to press a small small small icon with numbers, that will show me the entire day ... but then ... every time I press it, it shows the day from the beginning instead of showing the current time.

In conclusion, the calendar function feels like an alpha release ... not even beta. On the S3 or Galaxy Watch the calendar actually is working and it shows your entire day.

2. The battery. The battery life is just terrible, and if I'm working out a bit more, with GPS enabled and all the tracking stuff (see Garmin battery life in these conditions - maybe one week battery life?), I need to recharge the watch twice in that day. This will kill the battery and the watch itself in less than a year ... so the product's life expectancy is quite LoL.

3. The gyroscope and the software integration. I need to keep my screen always turned off, so that the battery would last 2 days.
Whenever I receive a message, the watch most of the time isn't even light up the screen to show me the message if I move my hand. If my hand is still, I need to move my head above the hand to see the message. If I try to move my hand, the screen turns of in that very instant. VERY annoying message game Samsung ... VERY ANNOYING 🙂

4. I choose on the display to keep the screen on for 30 seconds. If I want to show a photo or something from my watch to another person, I better be still ... because this option doesn't actually work and if I dare to move my hand, the screen turns off in that instant. Smart battery saving Samsung ?? 🙂

5. Ignoring the fact that EVERY Galaxy watch I had before was able to tell when I'm riding my bike (GW4 got dumber and cannot recognize this activity), now, when I ride my bike the watch is actually registering steps also ... so for Samsung I'm from the Flintstones ...

The only good thing about this watch is that is still showing the time and it looks kinda cool. The software is really really bad. Thank you Google for your fail WearOS destroying a fine piece of equipment.

Apple says "Thank you" for the market you just created for their watch.


Samsung, I really hope you didn't abandon this watch already. Three weeks have passed without any updates.

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Watch

Here's the calendar now. It's a sad joke compared to Apple's calendar. Sorry Samsung but this is quite a huge fail for me.


This video shows how badly made is the Google calendar app for WearOS. Compare this to Apple's calendar to have a good laugh.There are no options to change t...