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Galaxy Watch 4

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Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch 4 is by far the best smart watch I've ever owned. It can do almost all features I need it to do. At anytime I choose, I can see my personalized watch face. But I do have a few cons about it as well. While the heart rate on my watch is continuous and has my accurate heart rate, it isn't instantaneous as much as I need. My heart likes to beat very fast at times, and my watch still says 80 bpm. When I had the Galaxy Fit2, it was very instantaneous. I was wondering if the heart rate could measure more often than it does when on continuous. Even if it consumes more battery. I was also wondering about the Google Assistant. While, yes, I know, that is a very popular topic concerning the Galaxy Watch 4, it is statistically better than Bixby. I do use Bixby. (When it works) But the problem is if I say "Hi Bixby," it won't activate. Even if I hold down the top button to activate Bixby, it will open the Bixby app, getting ready to listen, it will close the split second I try talking. I've tried fixing this by multiple methods, including resetting the watch itself. And sometimes, it'll pretend it's listening, but it isn't actually. This is a bit of a problem since sometimes I can't manually hunt down of what I'm trying to do. I do also have a question regarding RadarScope; if I open the app on my phone/tablet and go to settings, I will find there is an option for Wear OS. So, a meteorologist like me, I decided to go install RadarScope on my Galaxy Watch 4. But, I couldn't find it. I was a little bummed out by this.


Please don't hesitate to reply with any info regarding any questions I have!



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