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Galaxy Watch 42mm bluetooth - Email and text notifications not working

I've just purchased a Galaxy smart watch to use with my Galaxy S6 (Android V7.0) and just cannot get the sound and/or vibration notifications to work with either email or text messages arriving to my phone. I've read and tried all of the suggested solutions I can find online but to no avail. The odd thing is that although I can see a message sent via email arrive at the notifications screen and I can successfully set the watch screen to light up at the same time, I cannot set the phone to sound or vibrate as a notification. In the case of a text message received by my phone, I receive absolutely no notification of its arrival at all. The only way I know it's arrived is by opening the message app installed on the watch. I can however send a text successfully from the watch. As I mentioned above, I've tried every suggestion I could find to fix this problem. Even resetting the watch to factory settings. Nothing I've tried works. I would be so so grateful if someone could help and advise what else to try because this function is so fundamental to the usefulness of a smart watch. Thank you in advance. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Galaxy Watch 42mm bluetooth - Email and text notifications not working

Are you using the stock e-mail and messaging app on your device?

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