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Galaxy Watch 5 Notifications come out blurry

(Topic created: Tuesday)
Galaxy Watch

Recent updated watch is causing my notifications to appear blurry.

So basically when I get a notification, say an outlook message,  when I look at my watch it use to show me part of the message.  Now after the update, all it shows me is a blurry image.  I would have to swipe off of it then swipe right to read the actual message.

What looks new is that now there is a box around the messages.  Im guessing it is now coming as a snapshot picture.

Is there a fix around this.  When i get notifications i would like to turn my wrist and see what the message is.  If its important i can reply if not i leave it.  But now i have to take another step and swipe away the blurry image then go back into the notification to see what it was.  

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