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Galaxy Watch 6 + Water Tracker

(Topic created: 11-28-2023 06:48 AM)
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Hello.  I just upgraded my Galaxy Watch Active 2 to a Watch 6.  Wit the new watch, it "upgraded" my water tracker to show the specific amount of water I'm drinking, VS the number of cups.  Honestly, I'd prefer the cups, but...that's besides the point.

My main issue is that since the water tracker "updated" itself when I removed the Galaxy Watch Active 2 from my phone, the Watch Faces are not showing water intake properly.  For example, if I'm using the Digital Dashboard, and have the Water showing on one of the edge compositions, it doesn't show my "goal" properly.  AKA, I can add 10 waters in, and it barely moves the bar on the side.  This was working FINE before it switched from cups to actual water intake.  

Does Samsung know that this is a bug, and will they be fixing the watch compositions to accurately represent water intake VS daily goals?  This is really frustrating after having zero issues for 3 years with an old watch, and now having a brand new watch and not being able to easily see how close I am to my goals.  

Thanks for your time

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