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Galaxy Watch Active 2 - GPS Accuracy

I'm curious if this is about what I can expect as far as GPS tracking accuracy on the GWA2? Seems to have my location correct within ~30 feet. I was hoping for better accuracy.


This is using the watch in "standalone" mode (phone at home). I get similar results whether I use MMR or Strava, so my presumption is that it's an innaccuracy in the data being provided by the watch itself to the software.



My Gear app indicates I have the latest software (BTD3). I've also tried the following:

- Enable "High accuracy location" (in the Samsung Health app)

- Turn on "Location" for Map Control (under Settings>Apps>Permissions>System apps>Map control)

- Disconnect from phone/bluetooth before starting tracking app.

- Start tracking app outside under clear sky and wait for GPS lock before starting workout.


Note, it usually takes less than 10 seconds for the indicated GPS lock. The track isn't terrible, but I was hoping for better.


Thanks for any insights.