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Galaxy Watch Active 2 bluetooth call management

Hi all, I just got my wife a new Galaxy Watch Active 2 and she seem to like it except one big problem, every calls are answered by the watch, not by the phone.

We have to answer the call from the watch then either push the little icon to transfer the call on the phone of remove Bluetooth connection during the call. The problem that we are facing are:

- When in the car, we are not able to play with the phone or watch and the watch will take over the car Bluetooth.

-When the watch is charging, the phone is not near it so we have to run to the watch to answer it.

She is using a Galaxy S9 as her phone and there is not option that I can see that will correwct the issue. 

I was in the idea that there would be something like if I answer the call from the phone, the audio will default on it, not on the Bluetooth device. If we remove the audio profile from the watch (*in Bluetooth setting) the the watch is simply not connected to the phone. I f I remove the notification for phone I will not able to see who is calling on it.

I saw some post saying to reset the watch, I have done it and still the same issue. 

Any idea? That feature (or problem) is really annoying.

Thanks for any help or guidance regarding this.


Re: Galaxy Watch Active 2 bluetooth call management