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Galaxy Watch Active 2 keeps deleting events in calendar

(Topic created: 03-23-2023 06:39 AM)
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Hello everyone,

I have a Galaxy Watch Active 2 for a few months now, and since a bit of time now, it keeps deleting without apparent reasons my events in my calendar.

My smartphone is a Redmi Note 10 5G, and my events are synchronized with Google Calendar. 

What I can do is the option "Connect to new phone" (last option in watch parameters) and it sync my events again until they disappear inexplicably. The thins is it's starting to become heavily boring to do it multiple times a day.

I noticed that it (also?) deletes events when I get a notification on the watch. 

The thing is it's starting to become heavily boring to do "Connect to new phone" multiple times a day, so would any solution would be available ?

Just to precise it doesn't remove all events but the next 3-5 days of events. I already tried to wait until those events not deleted but it also deletes thel afterwards.



One "solution" I found was to disconnect my watch from my smartphone.

After syncing my calendar with my watch, I just disconnect it from Bluetooth. Thus I can't use the "connection" features (answer calls from the watch, see notifications, handle music, etc), but since I bought that watch for the "My day" dial screen and for the calendar, I can make a pass on those "connection" features. 

When I add new events on my calendar (smartphone) I just connect it to my watch, sync for the new events and disconnect it again.

To conclude, the issue seems to come from the smartphone, but I still don't know why exactly.

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