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Galaxy Watch Active 2 with Galaxy Buds Plus & Spotify has bad audio quality

(Topic created on: 5/4/21 9:35 AM)
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Hello, When I have my Galaxy Buds Plus connected to my Galaxy Watch Active 2 to listen to music on Spotify on my runs without my phone, the audio quality is bad. It sounds like the music is super compressed, so on parts where there might be a lot of cymbals or maybe just the higher frequencies or sounds outside of the normal vocal range, it sounds distorted or like digital fuzz. I'm assuming its due to compression or maybe the codec. Streaming mode and downloaded songs in offline mode both have the same issues.

However, this only happens with the buds plus and spotify! If I play the same songs on spotify but connected to my Sony WH-1000XM3, the audio sounds fine!  In addition, if I save an mp3 to the watch, and play the same song through the watch's music player on the galaxy buds plus, it also sounds fine!
The buds connected to my phone or computer sound just fine as well.

I have already tried restarting the watch and re-pairing the earbuds to the watch.
Please assist, Thank you.

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