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Galaxy Watch Active - S Health Syncing Issues?

I bought my Galaxy Watch Active about a week ago and I've noticed numerous syncing issues when it comes to the Samsung Health app. Three specifically: 1.) When I input my Calorie intake into the watch, it does not sync that information to the phone. Or when it does, it is inconsistent. 2.) The weight management portion of the watch and app also do not sync correctly. My watch may say that I've burned x number of calories from activity, rest, etc. But the phone will list a different amount of burned calories. When looking at it, it is due to the phone not syncing all the activities from the watch. 3.) I have had some issues where rather than the phone syncing to the watch and taking the watch's information and applying it to the app, vice versa occurs. The watch will take the information on the phone. So for example, I had entered into the watch that I'd consumed 1300 calories. I didn't enter this information into the phone, so its value was 0 calories. When I would sync my the watch and phone, it would revert my caloric count on the watch back to 0. These are the three main issues I have had with the watch and wonder if others are having the same issues, or if there are solutions. I contacted Samsung and they just had me clear the S Health app data, which temporarily fixed the problem. But I'm looking for a permanent fix. We shouldn't have to reset our app everyday to make the products work.

Re: Galaxy Watch Active - S Health Syncing Issues?

I have a samsung gear sport. Same as you, tried everything to make s health sync better with my watch. Eventually got fed up and deleted s health. Calmed down next day and reinstalled s health. Its been a week and everything is syncing perfectly. FOR NOW. Not sure if it will work for you, thought i'd share my solution