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Galaxy Watch Active issue with step streak reporting

Samsung please help!  I'm on my 3rd Galaxy Active watch, having used them with both the S9+ and S10.  I consistent issue I am having is it incorrectly showing me my step steak at the end of each Saturday (once I've reached my step target).  My SHealth shows I have consistently met my step target for 36 consecutive weeks (yes folks, every day for 36 weeks).  Yet, on the first week of using the Galaxy Active, it reports back 4 weeks.  Used it now for 2 weeks straight and it congratulates me on 5 weeks.  What is this reporting from???  Not my SHealth streak, not how long I've been using the watch.  It is driving me absolutely crackers!  I know the previous GearFit2 just reported how long you'd been using that particular watch - the Galaxy Active doesn't seem to link to anything.  Samsung, please advise if this is a bug that will be fixed?  If you're marketing this as something to keep people motivated to continuously reach their goals, reporting back an incorrect streak count does the opposite.