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Galaxy Watch Active not including the steps from my workout!

Hi, forgive me it this has already been raised but I have an issue with how my galaxy watch adds up the steps from my workouts. 


I've just done 5K on my treadmill. When I go into the workout stats by 'view log' I can see the 5K is recorded. The log shows I've just done 5199 steps as part of the 5K (plus warm down!).


However, when I go to the main watch screen showing the number of steps I've done today it shows 2583. This is way more than I've actually walked before the workout but not as much as the run on the treadmill!!! I figure I should be on about 6000 steps already today!


This does not make sense - its not about the accuracy of counting steps but instead how the watch adds in steps from a workout that was recorded accurately.