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Galaxy Watch Battery life much reduced since last update

(Topic created: 06-17-2021 12:50 PM)
Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Watch Model number SM-R805U.

I have had this watch about 2 years now and have always been able to get through an entire day w/o draining the battery with plenty of battery remaining.  Within the last couple weeks I can no longer get through a day.  The watch wants to switch to low power mode around 3-5 PM ( about 8 hours) and I have to put it on the charger.  I believe this started happening after the last update.  Looking at the apps that are using the most power Samsung health 16%, Timer 7%, Notifications 5%, Watch faces 5% music 3%.  One day "Settings" was draining the most power at 29%.  I understand some of these but why would Settings be draining power.  And music is only used about 30 minutes per day.  This is unacceptable and I need to get this fixed.  Something has changed.  Please help.


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