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Cosmic Ray

Galaxy Watch Disables Alarm on Phone

I have a Galaxy Watch and an S9+ unlocked (no root). I have no alarms set on my watch. I use the built-in, stock Samsung clock app alarm. The phone alarm is my daily driver to get up for work, etc.


  • The alarm rings on my phone, watch notifies me. I dismiss the alarm using my watch (swipe to right on watch). Alarm on phone ceases; watch notification ceases. Cool. The watch permanently disables the alarm on my phone. Not cool. I am able to replicate this issue for existing alarms on my phone and newly-created alarms. I now know not to "dismiss" the phone alarm using my watch. I was late to work two days ago after using my watch, for the first time ever, to dismiss my phone alarm.


Thoughts/solutions are appreciated. Please don't suggest that I reset or clear caches on my phone, the app, or the watch. I'm a former tech by trade and fairly tech savvy. I recently did all this and was still able to replicate the issue. I also keep my phone and watch software (OS and apps) as current as possible. There are no updates available for my phone, watch, or the clock app.


Thanks, in advance for any help.

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