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Galaxy Watch F125 won't turn on

(Topic created on: 4/17/21 5:58 AM)
Galaxy Watch
My Galaxy Watch is charged every night. Yesterday it showed low battery after just 2 hours. I tried charging it and the battery went from 25% to dead in minutes dispite charging (different chargers used). Left off for several hours then put on charger again for several hours, tried to power on and initially said 100% then went to 27% within seconds then powered itself off. Then it said couldn't charge because too hot. I left it off the charger over night and tried to process again. Said Samsung rebooting but then black screen. Did that several times until it wouldn't even try rebooting. I read several others with same issue so I tried suggestion to put on charger and try turning it on while on charger, it said rebooting again. Then vibrated once and 0% with white ring around screen. Then black screen again. It's disconnected from my phone so I can't use app to try anything. I haven't installed any recent apps. Really don't use any on it. I seriously baby this thing. Have had it just over a year so warranty out. Suggestions?
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