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Galaxy Watch Sensor Cover Fell Off

I have been a loyal Samsung customer for nearly 20 years. I they make a good product. This watch!!! How can something so essential as a sensor cover come off of a watch. Especially since it is used to  track fitness. Why is there not some type of backing to protect this. I have had this watch for 10 months. I can't believe  I've lost 400.00 on a poorly made product. I can no longer stand buy or purchase your products. I am so disappointed. 


Re: Galaxy Watch Sensor Cover Fell Off

This is the 2nd watch in the past 10 months that this has happened to. The first time Verizon warrantied it. Ive had to talk to Samsung this time and they opened up a reference ticket but they said that i will have to mail in the watch first so they can see and they will try to repair it or replace it. But after reading the comments on the other threads, I am pretty sure that Samsung will tell me the same thing that without the back sensor plate there is now damage or or water damage. I do not swim or shower with it on. I don't work out vigorously. I only wear it when I am awake. Other people are having to pay over 200$ to have it fixed. Very dissapointing. And when I talked to a Samsung representative, she said that this never happens so she did not know. After reading other posts, I am clearly not the only one that this has happened to. Samsung should be ashamed of themselves. The only way they still seem to be in business is that they lie and cheat their customers. 


I love Samsung and i was super excited about my note 9 and galaxy watch. But after the watch issues, i think i might just have to go to apple products. 


SAMSUNG you should be ashamed of yourselves for not standing up and honoring your waranties on your products.