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Galaxy Watch Sensors not working

I'm Brazilian and I was on a trip last year. For the price and opportunity I decided to buy a Galaxy Watch 42mm, as I had my eye on it for some time.


After just a few months of use, all the sensors stopped, and I got $ 300 in the form of a useless watch. If it were to be just a watch without it's functions, I would buy one for $ 10 or less. I tried everything to make it work again (hard reset, deleting app, restoring, EVERYTHING). When I tried to get it authorized, they said that they didn't repair products purchased outside the country (ridiculous policy).


Suddenly, a few weeks ago I recharged it, and everything went back to normal on it's own. And today, again, I find myself going through the same anger that I went through months ago because everything stopped working again. 


Samsung was smart to charge $ 300 for a device that stops working and they didn't solve the problem. To date, she has not been able to comment on the matter. There was no recall, nothing. <edit> for customers who spent LOTS of money (In Brazil, the Watch costs more than a Monthly salary) on their product and believed in their work. Congratulations.