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Galaxy Watch Warranty Nightmare

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch on June 6th, 2020. Being a firm believer in Samsung products, I figured I would try the "newer, better" watch they came out with after my previous watch last 2 and a half years. I had the Galaxy Watch for less then two months when on August 16th I had to ship it in for repairs because the vibration motor stopped working. 10 days after I shipped it, August 24th, I received it back with a bunch of parts being replaced according to Samsung. Set up the watch again, and the vibration motor still didnt work. Called it in, and sent it back that same day. I have had numerous ticket numbers on this product, including on numerous occasions being told by Samsung they they didn't have my watch. September 1st, Samsung said that they would be replacing my watch instead of repairing it because it returned for the same complaint it was sent in for originally. In mid-September I caslled to find out the status of my replacement. They said they needed a bunch more info from me, including proof of purchase, which I submitted. then I was told that they had my watch in stock and that I should recieve it within 15 days. I never received tracking info after a week, so i called again. Then, I was told the exchange wasn't approved because they didn't have the proof of purchase again, which I submitted previously. Then, I was told that same day my new watch would arrive NO LATER THEN October 12th. On the 9th, I called Samsung, again, since I hadn't received any tracking info yet. they told me i would not be getting a replacement but that I would be getting a refund. I had my watch for all of a month under warranty, Samsung had it for two months under said warranty and they said my refund would arrive in 7-14 days. The office of the president for samsung America reached out to me about two weeks ago and said she was going to do everything to expedite this process. Now, I've been given numerous dates of when my refund is coming, all sorts of excuses, and still absolutely nothing is being done. I keep hearing that it was issued. First it was issued one day, then another, then another. Now, the refund was released but can't be found anywhere. Thank you to Samsung for showing how customer service should never be. I've been loyal to Samsung for years. You as a company have literally destroyed the faith I had in this company.