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Galaxy Watch

I recently got the galxy watch 46 mm. I love samsung products, especially the phones and the way they operate so I was excited to try out the watch. But after a few days of using it, I found it underwhelming. Dont get me wrong, it's a nice watch, the bezel is very efficient and the screen is great, but from my experience, Samsung tends to fail to perfect their smaller technologies. For starters, Bixby is just a renamed version of S Voice, it's awful. Secondly, Tizen cant do even close to half the things Wear OS can do. I expected better software and more internet integration. Not only that, but the microphone and the speakers, in particular, are pretty lacklustre,and for a company that owns the AKG sound company, the speakers are very choppy and the microphones are just as bad as they are in the galaxy buds. Also, unlike Wesr Os, Tizen is very limited in its third party app support. It leaves so much more to be desired. But it is more durable, more stylish, it lasts relatively long for average use, the bezel is fun and efficient, but the software NEEDS A LOT OF WORK. I really expected better from Samsung. Personally, I think that if the galaxy watch was to run Wear OSnit would've absolutely perfect. I returned the galaxy watching got. I'm just going go wait for the Galaxy Watch 2. Samsung needs to stop trying to be like and always compete with Apple on such a personal level. They are going to lose customers for little things like their lack of effort in the software for their accessories and stunts like the omitting the headphone jack from the Note10. I want to love the watch but its software is making it hard for me to do so. Please do better in the next generations of smartwatches and wireless earbuds @samsung