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Galaxy Wearable

I was trying to apply an update and I didn't have enough space, I saw and couldn't find it in google play so I thought it might have been something bad and deleted it. Now I am having problems with Galaxy Wearable, I can't get it to connect to the watch.  I've unpaired and paired the watch and they pair but Wearbable can't connect.  My bluetooth connection says Connect via Serial Port Profile.  My watch does get notifications ok.  Since it can't connect Galaxy Wearble is not able to monitor the watch and its apps, widgets, display etc options are all grayed out.  Did I make a mistake deleting the watchmanagerstub and if so how do I get it back. Can I uninstall and reinstall Galaxy Wearable without loosing my data, like step counts etc.  I ran a backup but when I went to see if it had backed up the Galaxy Wearable app, I couldn't find it.  What do I do next or is it hopeless.